Saturday, May 30, 2009

And it Begins...

My dreams of becoming a competitive rider reign once more.

My coach and I spent the day together shopping. Not really horse-related, but we got to spend a large amount of time discussing mine and Zydo's future.

First thing: Get the damn horse into a show ring before he attempts to take his own life once more. For the love of God, let there not be more injuries to my horse. *Pause for contemplative prayer*

Next order of business: It will take two months to get the two of us into shape. That's right: My coach went there. She mentioned ME.

"The horse is out of shape. But you need some work as well."


I need to walk, jump rope, work on some abdominals, do some squats, and quit drinking beer.

Alternatively, I can continue drinking beer, but the squats, sit-ups, and rope jumping need to be quadrupled.

This is a tough decision, folks.

My ideal goal is to be ready for the first show in the show catalogue by July 18th. My dream show occurso n July 5th of this year. My coach feels that the two of us together, with out winter rolls of excess fat and our inability to climb stairs -- or hills-- without losing our breath, will relegate us to showing in August.

Zydeco and I must become fit.

It is now or never, and really, with the mindset I currently have, it is now.

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