Saturday, May 09, 2009

Let The Rain Wash it all Away...

As the title indicates, it has been raining here in CowTown, much to my delight. The puddles of blood around my yard are now gone, replaced with puddles of mud.

The vet was here today and upon seeing Zydeco standing outside the barn said "Wow. I never expected thos stitches to hold through till now." That's a quote. The infection has been kept at bay for now, although the injury is disgusting beyond belief. I went out to take pictures of it this morning, expecting to see a nice line of pretty stitches. Instead I found a green, oozing, gaping wound that almost made me cry. Needless to say, I need not expose the Internet to such photographs.

The vet has said that he fully expects the stitches to blow; that is, the stitches will rip apart because of all the debris that he was not able to get out of the wound. Zydo's pasture is a mud pit and an awful lot of mud, manure, and gravel ended up in his gaping wound before he was brought in and the vet was called. This could easily erupt in Proud Flesh, which Zydeco and I dealt with last year. If not Proud Flesh, any number of infectious issues are possible.

For now, the only thing we can continue to do is keep the wound clean and dry, as well as provide support for his hind legs so that he doesn't begin to limp on one more than the other. This has been accomplished through the fine art of bandaging, which I am beginning to learn today.

Bandaging is indeed an art as it involves angles and pressure and a whole bunch of other things. Zydeco is the best teacher in the world as he stands beautifully for me to pester at his legs while screwing up and needing to re-roll the bandages again and again. You'll see above me practicing my polo bandages. He doesn't need any on the front, but I figured that while he was standing with nothing better to do, I may as well hone some form of equestrian skill.

If nothing else, Zydeco's mood is much better, such that he looks at me in complete and utter confusion when I leave his stall without first handing him apples soaked in painkillers. I'm sure that if he had opposable thumbs, he would be writing a strongly worded letter to the barn manager regarding this issue.

The hard part here is that we don't know if he has sliced through one of the major nerves going to his foot right now, or how his future athletic performance will be affected. At this point I am just thrilled to have my boy still with me. He is to be in his stall, not moving, for the next seven days and the vet will determine his fitness to move after that.

The relief washing over me as well as the nervousness for what the future holds is an odd combination of elation and dread. My trusty boy and I will surely figure something out.

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