Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Open Letter:

Dear Zydeco,

In 2007, this whole "thing" that took over me started. At that time it was about me and this sport.

And then I met you, and it became about me, you and the sport. We spent a summer together, and after that summer, it became about us and the sport.

In 2008 I learned more about horses, relationships, riding, jumping, dressage, and passion than I had ever learned in my entire years before that combined, and I realized that it had become about you and the sport.

And now in 2009 it is only about you.

It is not about my desire to move forward and go on to greater things; it is about me giving you one more chance to go on and earn all the ribbons you can earn to wear in your bridle, because you deserve them all. I know that when we go home empty handed this summer, it will be because of my lack of direction in this partnership, and not your lack of expertise or skill.

The vet has only spoken briefly about your X-Rays. I'm confused about the information I recieved but two weeks from now the pictures and the man who can read them will be back here to concoct the best treatment we can for you. This could possibly drain what little savings I've accumulated since I got my new job, and could potentially max out my credit cards, and quite frankly, I don't care.

Is it the year of the horse? Who knows. At my house, it most certainly is.

I have to accept the fact that you won't be here for years and years to come. So I am seizing this one. I am grabbing hold of it and hanging on for dear life, and I am going to ensure that this year is all about you.

Here's our chance.



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