Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pulling a No-Show...

Zydeco moved back home on Monday.

He injured himself at his other farm by kicking himself in the ankle. The injury has only worsened in the week or so since it happened, and so it just doesn't make sense for me to pay money to board him away from home while I can't ride him. I am very confused as to how this all happened. It seemed to go from one day to the next, with him being sore and only walked, to him being happy and ready to jump. When I last rode him, he was perfect, and the following day, we were very, very concerned about his health.

My father is currently tending to the sore in a manner in which only he can. While we've certainly had our disagreements over horse care (read: The Great Sweet Feed Debate of 2007), one thing my Dad can do is provide proper bandaging and care. Because Zydo has arthritis in his right leg, and his injury is to his left leg, the right leg needs support while the left leg heals.

I am phenomenally deflated about all of this, and I am doing my best to not fall into a heap in the depths of despair. Riding has been my thing for the last several weeks, it has been the reason I've been getting out of bed in the morning. Spending time with my horse has given me hope and inspiration and all kinds of wonderful things. And while I can't ride any more, what am I supposed to do?

I've been visiting Zydo in his stall, where he has been put on stall rest, and scratching him and talking to him. While I love spending time with my horse, wherever he is, I really just want to be upon his fine Thoroughbred back.

My coach still has several horses available for me to ride, and for that I am ever grateful. Zydo should be back to his old self within the next two weeks.

So, for now, I am just keeping positive and not falling apart entirely.

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Anonymous Jummy said...

Awww, feel better soon, Zydo! I'm glad that dear papa can make sure he's right as rain soon.

11:21 a.m.  

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