Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Let The Changes Go On...

My vehicular situation continues to weigh on my mind. I have gone and looked at a vehicle that I love and adore, that I long to own. I have a desperate need to mark the streets of CowTown with black marks after every corner as I race through the gears and pop the clutch when my heart desires.

I have been driving altogether too fast with the music much too loud these days. I think it's because I'm in such a happy, happy mood. I've revived my collection of old school honky tonk music, much to the chagrin of the passengers in my car. I, personally, think that I sing quite a lovely rendition of "The Happiest Girl in the Whole USA", but some may think otherwise.

I really, really want to own this 02 Jeep TJ I have found. I haven't yet gone for a test drive or to make an offer on this lovely, obnoxious yellow vehicle, but I have spoken with the man who currently owns her and I have to say that I want it. I want it so badly that when I turn a corner on the gravel roads of CowTown, my left foot inadvertently tries to depress the clutch. In the automatic Little Chevy this often turns into braking at the same time as applying the gas, which is a terrible situation to be in, let me tell you.

The financial aspects of buying such a vehicle terrify me: the insurance will be more, the gas will be more, the cost of the vehicle itself will be more. Does my desire to drive a hip and cool Jeep outweigh all of this? I guess I won't know until my offer has been accepted or declined.

School has been going well thus far. When I first started my undergrad, I just wanted to get through it. Now that I am working towards an Honour's degree, I know that I need to make straight A's because the ultimate goal is a Master's program. So far I've been having fun putting pressure on myself to fully understand the readings and to make the most of my study time. I really wonder how long this enthusiasm will last.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of all of this educational business is actually the fact that we here at The Ranch in CowTown will soon be acquiring high speed internet.

Oh, yes, that's right. HIGH SPEED, baby. (Please trust me when I say that once I have high speed, a potentially interesting blog full of pictures and wonder will arise from this site. My dial up internet has impeded my blogging life like nothing else, and this is soon to change!)

The me of when I started these educational aspirations and the me of now are quite fascincating people to compare. Before I was all like, HEY! There's BEER over there! And now I'm all like, Sheesh, I need to study and get eight hours of sleep each day. I was reading through some old journals today. I had one for planning my day (I had to laugh when I read 9:30: wake up. 10:30: actually wake up) and another for planning my life. I also kept another up of what was actually going on in my life, a random assortment of trials and tribulations I faced each day. (Howling cats and brown water, anyone?)

I've asked my mother for my 25th birthday present as of today. I'd like my first university diploma framed and hung on the wall above my newly acquired workstation. When I graduated university two years ago, I was so angry at the institution, my life, and what I had planned on getting out of my education versus what I actually got. I had wanted so badly to get this education, and once I had it, I was furious at myself for devoting so much time and money to something that I didn't understand the value of. Back then, I didn't think that my money and effort had been worth it. And honestly? I really think I was justified at the time.

But now two years have passed. I'm working in my field doing a job that I (mostly) love and my initial diploma is actually a worthwhile stepping stone to what I really want to accomplish.

So hang it up. Let the world see that I worked towards something, and then I got it. And let the world see that I will continue to work towards things because despite what this world has to throw in my way? At the very least I can continue on in a forward motion. If I've learned nothing else from horses, I have to say that going forward does wonders for the soul.

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Blogger Dave said...

Buy up the jeep, nothing is more sucky than driving a vehicle you don't like. You have to have a vehicle you like. :P

8:46 a.m.  
Anonymous Jummy said...

I know you wrote lots of interesting stuff but Amanda, the only part that I saw was the bit about high speed internet. I can't wait!

PS I'm also glad that life is GOOD.

9:54 p.m.  

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