Monday, May 05, 2008

I'm Starting to Get Why I Have Nothing To Write...

I think I can safely blame my work schedule for my overwhelming inability to think of anything coherent to say to the Internet.

Friday I did fourteen hours, Saturday I did eight, Sunday I did fifteen, today I did another fourteen.... This week is looking much the same.

I didn't take anything mathematical in school; quite the opposite, I took Sociology. And so, I'm not going to start adding. Partially because I hate math, and partially because I'm too damn lazy to put down my beer and pick up the calculator.

The thing is, that by the time I get home at night, cease wearing appropriate pants, and sit down for thirty five seconds before I pass out....

Well, I was going somewhere with that.

I think.

I'm really struggling right now to not resent my decision to go back to college. All those double days? Would not be double days. I'm really kind of irked because I could be doing the job I'm doing without the college diploma, and while I know that the diploma probably will help me in the future -- Dear God, let it help me in the future -- as of right now, its just stressing me out that I have to complete this work placement.

I know. Its only six weeks. On Friday, I'll be down to five weeks. Shortly, I'll be posting about how bored I am that I just go to one place and do one thing. I'll be longing for textbooks and lectures.

For tonight, I'm whining about how busy I am.

And its my blog, and I'll whine if I want to.

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Anonymous Jummy said...

How do you keep such a hectic schedule? I feel like going to bed after reading that!

1:26 a.m.  

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