Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Cofee, Fewer Cups....

I was congratulated on a job well done today, a job I didn't even sign up for, but because of the wonderful, caring, and coffee crazed person I am, I decided to do.

I went on the dreaded coffee run for work. (The congratulating came from a random stranger outside Tim Horton's, who said: "Whoa. I'd sooooo drop those ALL. You're amazing. Good work." This said as coffee poured down the front of my pretty meeting pants, and threatened to splash up into my pretty meeting make-up-ed face.)

Fifteen zillion cups of coffee, and only two hands with which to carry them.

Next time, I'm walking in to Tim's with a five gallon water pail, the type we use for the horses that has a heater in it to keep the water from freezing, and telling them to fill that up.

Because seriously, there is nothing WORSE than carrying umpteen cups of coffee to your car.

And there is nothing BETTER than five piping hot gallons of coffee.

Except for maybe the horse slobber.



Anonymous matt said...

let me tell ya, ive done plenty of lunch pick up during my construction years, and the drinks are the killers!

5:28 a.m.  

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