Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Little Too Much Information...

Sometimes I worry about this blog, that someone I might potentially date would find it and read it and think horrifying thoughts about me, because I am altogether too honest about the way I feel about certain things.

I have recently received a large amount of joy from watching my dog pee.

No joke.

You see, last fall Dixie the Beagle had a bladder problem: That is, her bladder was full of little stones that prevented her from being able to store urine in appropriate amounts. As a result, every time she went out to pee, she would trundle around, pee for about three seconds, trundle around, pee for about three seconds, and repeat eighteen times. Then she would come back inside for about five minutes, ask to be let out, and would repeat the afore-mentioned trundle-pee-trundle-pee routine. Sometimes we would get sick of letting her out every ten minutes, and so she would give up asking and pee on the floor.

There is nothing more irritating than Beagle pee on your kitchen floor.

However, since Dixie had her thirteen hundred dollars worth of surgery, she has been able to pee in mass quantities at one time, every few hours.

The other day I was bringing something in from the car, and Dixie was peeing in the front yard, and she seemed to pee for hours... I was watching in wonder, thinking, my GOD, that dog can pee in large VOLUME, and then not need to pee any more!

And I came inside and I thought, really, I wonder what it means about me as a person that I just watched my dog pee and experienced joy?

I think I need to get out more.



Anonymous matt said...

congratulations on the pee

5:09 a.m.  

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