Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Ever-Perplexing Coperni-Kitty...

So, I have this cat. I got her two years ago from my dear, wonderful friend Davey, and at first, I was all smitten with kitten love.

But after a period of time, I learned that not all cats are created equal. And Copernicus was created especially odd. Strange. Off. In need of drugs. Whatever.

I go through phases where I give up on having one of those wonderful cats that most single people are supposed to have. You know, like the cat you see on TV, the one that is there waiting for the single person to get home, just itching to hear about his or her day, and desperate to sit down and have a good cuddle. Typically, Copernicus greets me from the safety of the dining room table, or on top of the freezer; then she howls and bats at me with a paw. And then I reach out to pet her, she bites me, I quickly withdraw my hand, and she disappears once more into the bowels of the house.

I have to say that on more than one occasion, I've been disappointed in the turnout of this cat. She's just not... friendly. She's just not cuddly. She was over two years old before I ever heard her purr.

And frankly, she makes me question my ability to do my job. I'm supposed to be able to socialize teenagers to be respectable members of society. And I can't even end up with a decent frickin' cat?

Fire me. Fire me NOW.

But every now and then, she does something friendly. Like, I came home tonight, and she followed me in the washroom while I brushed my teeth (Because the FIRST thing a crazy person does upon re-entering the house after a fifteen hour day? Is floss and brush her teeth.) [Which reminds me, I need to pick up toothbrushing supplies for work.]

And she did her usual howly thing, stamping her delicate little feet on the linoleum, and I leaned over to pet her, and she actually PURRED. And she let me RUB HER and PET her, and during this process that to most cats is known as AFFECTION, but to Copernicus is known as MURDEROUS TORTURE, she only bit me three times.

And I'm thinking, FOR GOD'S SAKE, CAT. Like, I'm not confused enough after a day with the kids I work with, I come home expecting you to be all fowl and cranky, and you have to be NICE?

Could NOTHING in this life just be CONSTANT?!?

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Anonymous Jummy said...

Do people really have cuddly cats? From what I know (and have imagined in my head) about cats, Coperni-kitty seems normal to me!

What you want is a dog, my dear.

11:10 a.m.  

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