Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A New Person...

I had two days off this weekend, two days in a row without going to work or going to school or anything else in my day planner that absolutely needed to be done. I rode my horse twice, the second time for dearly two hours, and they were by far the best hours I've spent with him yet.

I napped, I spent time with the family, watched two movies, neither of which were particularly good, and most of all, I just spent time unwinding.

I feel like an entirely new person, rejuvinated and fresh and ready to face the world once more. Not that I wasn't feeling like facing the world before, I was just a little crankier.

I felt so good this weekend that I thought, Hey! I should do this more often! And I've left a note at work asking my boss for one day each weekend so I can do this sort of thing more frequently.

I'm giddy with excitement at the possibilities: Imagine, more than the hours between four and sunset to accomplish things, to work around the barn, to nap and to ride and to just sit back and be me.

My, but it will be glorious.



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