Saturday, October 20, 2007

Quick List....

1) I slept today until almost three o'clock in the afternoon. I never, ever sleep that late in one sitting. Typically I wake up at six thirty or seven, check my email, and then take a morning nap.

Today I slept until afternoon nap time, which means that I got no naps.

2) I had to run errands today, a task I hate completing because it just takes up so much frickin' time.

3) While I was running errands, I put money in my bank account. Then I took some out to pay back some personal loans, put gas in my car, and buy some wicked-awesome ingredients for supper.

My bank account is now empty.

4) A coworker of mine got pulled over for speeding the other day. He explained to the officer that he was on his way home from a particularly stressful situation at work. The officer asked him what he did, and he explained that he worked in a group home for teen boys. The officer told him that he has SO MUCH respect for what people in our field do, and he let him away with a warning.

Does anyone else find it odd that THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE GUNS think that our job is stressful?



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