Sunday, October 21, 2007

In Pursuit of Higher Education....

Allow me to list here a few things that I've endured in this whole 'Let's Get Educated" kick I've been on for the last five years:

1) Living in the place with the shared bathrooms and the schizophrenic women.

2) My hair being dyed orange by the water in my building.

3) Three years of my life that I AM NEVER GETTING BACK working in a fast food joint.

4) The roommate who decided to be environmentally friendly and do her composting in my kitchen sink.

5) The school medical personell. They decided that, when they couldn't figure out what else to do with me, they would just DRUG ME UNTIL ALL MY HAIR FELL OUT.

6) A nasty case of adult onset acne.

7) Three years of living in a city I hated, dealing with an institution who's service people only ever spoke to me IN A LANGUAGE I DON'T UNDERSTAND.

8) The howly, howly, yowly cat who refused to sleep while we lived together in the depths of Hell.

9) Years upon years of scrimping and saving every last penny, eating ramen noodles for days on end, and just plain not eating some days so that I could spend the rest of my money on beer.

And you know, I'm in my FIFTH year now, five years of insurmountable debt and work and term papers and textbooks and howling animals and insanely busy days that start early in the morning and don't finish until very, very late at night.

And I'm thinking, DEAR GOD, I'm almost done FOREVER.

And then my professor has to wander up to me at break one day and say "Have you considered getting a Master's?"

Brain matter?

Flying out my ears at the speed of light.

As we speak.



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