Monday, October 15, 2007

Cozy and Warm...

I've gone shopping twice this week, in search of the perfect horse and rider winter attire. I've decided that I'm getting a winter coat from a tack shop this year, one that will be functional and warm, and machine washable for all the horse snot that is sure to be smeared across the front of it.

I looked at several winter riding outfits for myself and decided that, oh, you know, FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS is a little out of my price range. I was, however, at the designer horse stuff store, where the rich folks go and spend their bucks. Because, hey! What else are the rich folks supposed to do with their bucks?

At the designer store, we found a fantastic winter blanket for Zydo, one that is big enough to cover his large frame. It is even big enough to go over the big old lump of fat that has grown on his butt over the last couple months. Because his owner never rides him. BECAUSE SHE WORKS EVERY FRIGGIN DAY OF THE WEEK. SO yeah. I'm a little touchy because I've neglected my horse and been away from home and mostly I've just been wandering aimlessly from house to car, car to house.

Not only is the blanket a perfect fit, but it is a Pessoa blanket. PESSOA. This might mean nothing to the rest of the world, and that's fine. But to me, it means the Mercedes Benz of horse blankets.

Not only is it a Pessoa, but it was ON CLEARANCE for less than half the original price.

After we spent some time at the designer horse store, we went ot the more hard core horse store. This is the place that the real riders go to buy stuff that is going to be used for working horses.

And there I found a perfect winter riding set. It is blue, with a 4 in 1 jacket. The hood on the jacket is large enough to go over a helmet, and the snow pants have a full sueded seat so that when the saddle freezes, I still have a bit of traction. Because riding is actually all about the amount of butt traction you have.

I can't wait to see how many hits I get for people searching terms relating to traction on one's ass.

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