Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Better Day To Ride....

I'm tired and I have nothing of value to say on this blog, so I'll put up some pictures instead.

Above you'll see me trotting with Zydo. Note the complete and utter lack of head swinging, rearing, bucking, and psychotic behaviours.

Above, we have a picture of Zydo cantering. Note his rider and her ultimate perfection in the areas of proper seat and hand arrangement. Note also that her BACK IS PERPENDICULAR and, yes, she is quite the hottie in her chaps.

And, of course, we have to have a picture of the Precious Boy on his Auntie's trusty steed. He rode today off the lead for the first time. Zydo wasn't that impressed, and wasn't particularly motivated to go forward for someone who weighs all of sixty pounds. But he was a superstar.

Because he is mine.

And that's what things of mine are.


Excepting, of course, the foul-tempered cat.

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