Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Struck Down....

Something has hit me, something very, very upsetting that has left me feeling tired and cranky and not at all like my chipper old self. I have some sort of cold.

I'm thoroughly pissed off right now not only because I am sick and haven't slept, but because the Air Conditioning has been turned on in most places. I've spent the last ten months freezing my ass off in this country, and now it has finally become tank-top weather, and everyone is pumping up the A/C.

So far today I've been frozen out of my best friend's car, a government building, two McDonalds', a hospital, a tack shop, and another restaurant. It is mid-June and I'm sitting here in a tank top. I should be comfy, because mid-June is finally tank-top weather in Canada! Wheeeee!!!

But, OH NO. There is actually a twelfth commandment here in Canada, one that states THOU SHALT BE COLD DURING ALL MONTHS OF THE YEAR WHETHER THROUGH NATURAL OR ARTIFICIAL MEANS, BITCH. That commandment comes right after the one about not pounding on the bathroom door while someone else is in there, and right before the one about not breathing on people while you're reading over their soulders. Because God really does feel that if you're going to go reading over someone's shoulder, the least you could do is not breath on them in the process.

And Jooms, Dearest, I know that I've messed up the whole breathe/breath thing in this post. The thing is, I REALLY DON'T CARE because I've spent the day being cold and sick and when I'm cold and sick I tend to get cranky and lax with my grammar.

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