Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Look at this horse....

Look at him. Do you see him? Standing innocently in his pasture? Thinking that perhaps he has landed in heaven because, really, who knew that this much grass even existed on Earth?
Does he look like the type of horse who, upon your mounting would fly in a tizzy and charge across the yard? Does he look like the type who might stampede his way to the chicken coop and make you think, "Wow, I might just die today after all!'? Does he look like someone who would run on the spot, toss his head from side to side, run backwards, and then finish in a grand finale beside the pidgeon loft?
Zydo was frightened today, by what I'm not sure. My dad and I had decided to go on a hack since he has settled in so well, and SuperNan brought out the mounting block and I proceeded to hop on. He did do a little bit of dancing beside the block but I didn't think much of it because some horses just... dance. They're like young girls in night clubs after one too many shots of tequila. This horse, in particular, is named after a South American dance called Zydeco, and perhaps he was just trying to express some interest in his cultural background. Who knows?
I'm not really that upset by his shenanigans today. Zydeco has had a long week: He has probably done a bit more work than he's used to, he got stuck beside a cranky and possibly PMSing roommate. He got a new owner who does things like spend thirteen dollars (Yes, THIRTEEN DOLLARS) on a bucket brush for him at Apple Saddlery. Sure, I could have gone to the dollar store and bought a ninety nine cent nail brush for cleaning his water bucket. But that would not match the new grooming kit, brush set, saddle pad and stall gate I bought him, now would it?
SuperNan said it was a fine performance on both parts. Zydeco performed what she said was by far the best elevated, collected canter she's ever seen. I managed to not fly head first through the window of the chicken coop. (The very same window that my dad stores his chain saw in front of. If I had flown through the window? I'd know what it's like to be impaled on a John Deere chainsaw. I've no idea if that would hurt more or less than a Husquvarna Chain saw....)
I was a little shaken up, but after I got off, checked his saddle, equpiment, bridle, and so forth, I took him to the ring where I mounted Sunday and had no trouble. We had an hour of perfect riding after that, so I'm not sure what upset him. He was calm and collected until I hopped off and loosened all his buckles. Then he nuzzled up to me, snorted into my chest, and smeared me from shoulder to hip in green slime.
I'm pretty sure that's horse for "I love you."

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