Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Long, Long Days...

The last several days have been multiple hour days that leave little time for napping. I am the queen of napping, you might know this, and I rarely make it through a day without a nap. Sometimes I try, but then forty minutes before dinner I collapse into inconsciousness on the couch.

Yesterday involved being up at six a.m. for radiation at eight, and then we had to come home from the City to get ready for grad. Then we drove back to the city, had graduation, dinner, and drove back to the country. We didn't really sit down until nine at night and the only napping time I could come up with was thirty minutes on the way to graduation. The girl with the sleep in her eyes and the seatbelt mark across her forehead?

Yeah, that's me.

Today was another very exhausting day which involved getting up early to go and look at a horse (Which I refuse to write about until I'm sure one way or another if he will be joining the members of the Ranch family), then we had to do radiation. After that, I helped my cousin with some exam preparation, and then I tucked the Precious Boy into bed.

I've just had a number of busy days in succession now, and it is starting to sink in that they are not getting any less busy: Berry Season looms ahead of us. I saw the fields the other day and tehy are laden with happy, jolly-looking little blooms just waiting to burst forward into springs of fruity goodness.

I'm thinking cases and cases of Red Bull are in order.

And some tequila.

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