Monday, June 11, 2007

And how does YOUR garden grow?

I haven't put up much information about the garden lately. I'm sorry for the neglect of such an important topic, but I might have mentioned once or a million times that I GOT A HORSE THIS WEEKEND. 'Nuff said.

My bean weevil, or whatever it is, seems to have run its course. There are a few plants that are nothing but little stalks, mere shadows of what they once were, reminders of what they will never be. I have mourned them I have moved on. But I have not yet given up on them, and have not yet uprooted them. Some may say that I am living in the past. Some may say that I'm an optimist. I just call me too damn lazy to pull out something that doesn't need to be pulled out.

The corn is coming up nicely, the groundhog or wildcat or water buffalo that dug holes beside it has also decided to turn to greener pastures. I'm not sure if this means that the corn I grow is just that bad or if he's had his fill, but either way, there is a fair number of corn plants remaining.

This week I have a lot of jobs to attend to here on the Ranch. I need to finish up some things on the barn: Those major tasks that can't be started until the debris from the last four years is out of the way. I've got to put down some hay and straw for the horses to assuage the guilt in my heart over my father tending to my horse. I've got to mulch the garden in hopes of deterring the growth of weeds (Some people might even call this ORGANIC gardening and if anyone calls my garden ORGANIC I might just squeeze their neck until their eyes pop out. No lies. I am THAT strong).

The last thing to do?

I have to prepare for BERRY SEASON. SuperNan and I leave the Ranch on Sunday the seventeenth. That is in a VERY FEW DAYS.

So, we must stock up. We need sunscreen. Bugspray. Itch cream. Those little coils that kill mosquitoes mid-flight.

And lots and lots of tequila.

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