Thursday, May 31, 2007

In which I DO NOT mention the fact that nothing new is up in my garden...

1) Radiation is going. We are driving in every day, consuming copious amounts of Tim Horton's beverages, and listening to an unGodly amount of country music.

2) Coperni-Kitty has now decided that she hates me once more. I haven't come into contact with her in about a week, unless you count the desperate attempts I make to get her to love me by seducing her with treats.

3) Remember how my leg went numb a while ago? It quit! And I was all like, Sweet! Let's cancel the appointment with the neurologist!

4) But then today, the whole thing went completely dead again. So I'm glad I didn't cancel the neurologist.

5) My legs are itchy, so I applied a fair amount of Gold Bond itch cream. Now I smell like a cross between a woman wearing men's deodorant, and somebody's grandma.

6) I've perused the property a lot lately, and it seems that there is an inordinate amount of wood laying around int he form of felled trees. Which can only mean one thing: FIRE PARTY.

7) I got to spend a whole day with my best friend this week, driving around and just chilling. She also bought me poutine for lunch, and nothing makes me love a person than thinly veiled attempts to make me fat and lardy.

8) SuperNan and I are out of ER on DVD to watch now.

9) I suggested that SuperDad learn how to dance so that he could entertain us in the evenings while there is nothing worthwhile on the television.

10) He didn't think so much of that idea. Sheesh.

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Blogger David said...

Point 5 - Woman in men's deodorant plus Old Grandma. Whoohoo, that's sexy.

10:57 a.m.  

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