Saturday, April 14, 2007

Adventures in child care...

The Princess has come and gone, and the two of us had a wonderful day together. Days like this one don't happen in my life nearly often enough, and sometimes I feel twangs of guilt for not making more effort to see Big Brother and his Lovely Wife. I feel that here, on the Internet, there is nothing other than Lovely Wife that I should refer to her as, because as I stated at their wedding, I couldn't have picked a better wife for him myself.

They dropped myself and The Princess off at Mal's (Where there are far fewer bedrooms that are waist-deep in debris) and she immediately went down for a nap. Mal and I were incredibly bored with her after about two hours of this behavior, because HEY! She's a baby and we wanted to do cute stuff with her!

We decided to put off the nose piercing and hair dying for another time (Perhaps with someone else's child, even, because Big Brother's Lovely Wife could most certainly take my sorry ass out in a heartbeat if she so desired. Not even is she funny and appreciative of someone like myself -- who snorts when she laughs, yes, I snort like its my job -- but she can whoop some serious ass) and instead we took her to the park.

Once at the park, we were attacked repeatedly by a chipmunk that I'm pretty sure had a combination of rabies and mange. Hell, it probably had SARS as well, because damn, that chippie had some things wrong with it. The Princess was enthralled by the ducks, but they weren't country ducks. No, no: they were city ducks and they didn't get up and fly away when she chased them. We were both disappointed by this, let me tell you. All we wanted was a little duck-flying action and we got none.

The Princess has some gorgeous little babbly-words she has and she talks all the time in that toddler talk that only the people in closest contact with the child can understand. I think that's why today made me a little bit sad: I don't get the opportunity to see her often enough and I don't even understand her toddler talk.

Fortunately, my city life is soon to be over, and that only means one thing: I'll be getting my trusty little car on the road. Hopefully this summer I'll be able to visit my favorite extension of the family on weekends and such, and then The Princess will be able to fill me in on all of her favorite toddler words.


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