Friday, April 06, 2007

SO many exciting things...

I'm excited for a lot right now. Like today, I had all these grand plans for starting to terrorize my dad's barn. He sees my reconstruction of the barn as the albatrosse that is around his neck. He's mostly right, but I blame him and nobody but him because he just can't stand by and watch a person do their thing.

Oh, no. "You're gonna want a 2x8 there, and a 4x4 there, Sweetheart. GOOD GOD DON'T TOUCH THAT SLEDGE HAMMER! Here, hold my cigarette. I'll get it. NO! DON'T TOUCH THAT SAW! It's plugged in and could start spinning!!" So, after my safety lesson ensues.... but long before the first hammer has been swung, one of us will have lost an eye. Or gotten exhausted at the thought of swinging a hammer, so we'll need to pause there and take a quick break. Which always turns into a twenty minute escapade in playing with gleeful little kittens.

I also managed to figure out, with much help from the lovely SuperNan, how to back up my photos onto discs, so I have all the photos from this year on a disc which is quite handy! Now my mom has access to that picture where I'm posed beside the random drunk girl with the barf bucket. I really don't know who she was. And I really was sober enough to take the picture, so hey! That's Good news, Mom!

In other news, we farm ladies are heading into the Big City tomorrow in search of the perfect fat pants. Shopping trips usually start off just so well when you start the day forced to do so based on what your body does when you cram in into ill fitting jeans.

But hey, they highlight of the excursion will be that we'll get to eat at Tim Horton's many, many times per day. It'll be grand!

Happy Good Friday, Everyone!


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