Friday, April 13, 2007

In which I totally neglect my blog

I'm so sorry, Blog, for not keeping up with you of late. It seems that I'm working an inordinate amount of hours, as well as preparing for my finals (Read: Sitting on my bed and not being in any way productive...)

Big Brother called me the other day with a request that I take care of The Princess this coming Saturday. Of course I had to squeal with delight because I haven't babysat her myself yet. (That's right. I get the baby all to myself. First things first: nose piercings, and then hair dying. If we have time, we might run down to a couple sketchy bars so that I can photograph her draining her first ever pitcher. And now that I've posted this on the Internet, her mother will certainly never let me have the child alone again in this lifetime.)

I'm ever so excited to spend a day with my little niece, but I had to stop and take a look around before I could give in to my excitement. My house is about thirty-seven different kinds of unsafe for a little toddler. My Ikea bookshelf is not grounded to the wall, my television and DVD are precariously perched on my dresser with cords hanging down, my bedroom has once again become waist-high in debris, and I'm pretty sure that if you put a baby in my bedroom? YOU WOULD NEVER FIND HER AGAIN.

Fortunately, Mal's house is all but empty AND she has a vacant bedroom that is just perfect for setting up a playpen for naptime.

That's right, the baby naps! Every day! I can tell already that her and I are bound to be kindred spirits...


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