Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Stubborn old fool....

For three years now, I've refused to add anything related to my school into my favorites list on my computer, simply because I favor NOTHING about that institution.

Because of this, I've been typing all the addresses to my school websites into the address bar for, you guessed it, three years.

And just now, as I'm typing up my LAST ESSAY EVER (My God, it feels good to write that, and I think I might just make it the title of my LAST ESSAY EVER) I had to go to the school website to look some things up in the library. (I love the 21st century. You don't even need to get off your fat ol' butt to go to the library any more.)

While I was typing in the address, I realized that every address I have ever needed for the school is now permanently ingrained into my consciousness. I will not likely ever be able to forget those addresses. As much as I wish I could remember the address of the FuckWit who took up stalking me at the convenience store, I can't. But if he takes up stalking me again, at least I'll be able to tell him exatly where to look for peer-reviewed journals on the topic of psychotic people who stalk their exes at convenience stores.

Handy isn't it?

And now I'm thinking, well serves you right, Girly. Here you are thinking you're so clever, not entering any of those URLs into your favorites list, because obviously they are not your favorites. And as a result of that, you're never going to be able to hit the delete button because YOU ARE INSANE and we all know that crazy people NEVER FORGET ANYTHING.


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