Friday, March 30, 2007

Wild eyed and hair akimbo....

I've had a rather exhausting week, looking back, and I was also running short on hours of sleep obtained. It was my own fault, really, as I waited until ten o'clock the night before a paper was due to actually start the paper. My bad. Then I spent a night at Mal's, helping her write two papers she had due. I've also been dealing with some family issues, and I've had some minor, yet incredibly irritating, health thingies of my own going on.

So, last night after I got home from work, I was exhausted. I slept from five until eleven, at which point I woke up and ate some chicken. Oh, chicken, how I love thee.

Then I decided to take a prescription sedative and head on back to dreamland.

I need to stop and note here that I haven't had contact with sedatives since the doctor in the city tried to kill me last fall, and I guess I had forgotten just how powerful these bad boys are. You wouldn't think that they would knock you on your ass, being that they are small and they look inoccuous enough. They are a cheery shade of orange, and almost remind you of a setting sun.

Well, that was all one big joke from the pharmaceutical company because MY GOD those things really do set your sun. For a full twenty four hours.

I was unconscious (in a nice way, at least) from eleven thirty until ten a.m. this morning, and then when I woke up, I could hardly walk to the bathroom.

And while now I feel rejuvinated, and at around five this afternoon my sedative-hangover had worn off enough for me to walk at the pace of a normal human being again, I have to say HOLY MOTHER OF GOD I MUST HAVE BEEN ZONKED LAST FALL.

At any rate, I did manage to catch up on some much needed rest and while I'm happy for that, I don't think that needing physical support to stand up in the morning is really a good thing. So, it is with a shout of glee and a skip in my step that I say "Fare thee well, Sedatives!" I'll miss the little beggars, because they were awful helpful in my darkest hours. But now that I'm in a bright and sunny place, I tend to think of them as over rated and slightly dangerous.


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