Monday, March 26, 2007

And then there was a case of beer, some akvavit....

And a very successful Danish New Year's.

This year Big Brother was in Afghanistan at new year's, so we postponed our annual celebration until now so that we could all be together. It was, as usual, a wild success although we did get yelled at for finishing off a case of my Dad's beer in a single evening. Apparently when your kids are little, they suck the life out of you through being energetic whiny brats. Then when they get older, they suck the funds out of you by stealing all your beer and cigarettes.

It's hard to be a parent these days.

I said good bye to the Precious Boy this morning, before I went to take my perfuntory hangover nap. I told him that I wouldn't see him for one full month, but you know what happens in one month?

Auntie comes back to The Ranch!

He seemed to think that this was a good idea, but asked if perhaps I could go and live in my brother's house with him and my brother. I gave him a flat refusal at that. If I stay here with my parents, there are far more cool things to mooch than at my brother's. Like my Dad's beer.

We've made some plans for the summer so far: A garden, to the chagrin of my father, who detests my manner of gardening and the fact that I lazily toss some seeds around and come back in two months. He is one of these wacky people who thinks that a garden needs tending. I'm the type to sputter, Why, What is this 'tending' you speak of?

And then my Dad's face turns all red and that vein in his forehead starts to stick out and pulsate, and he has to go and tend to the garden before the vein explodes all over my mother's clean kitchen.

I also got a hold of the poultry catalogue. So, of course, I had to start daydreaming about the barn and all the stuff I'm going to put in it.

But then reality sinks in and I realize that I have so many plans for this summer: Berry Season; going to a faraway city to visit a certain individual who has blue eyes and does things like splurge for the pizza WITH CHICKEN ON IT; going to Mal's family's house; going back and forth to the Big City to visit friends; possibly even find a job.

And the sad fact is that thus far, my life is simply too disorganized to bring livestock into.

Hopefully I can have the barn worked up this summer, fixed and built (I get to custom build my own barn! How cool is that?) and next spring possibly bring some animals into it.

Sometimes I think about it and it seems so far away to wait one more year, but looking back, I suppose I've waited this long. What's a few more months?

After I've placated myself with that, though, I tend to think that a few more months might just kill me. Decisions, Decisions.


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