Friday, February 02, 2007

I think I need to get out more...

In keeping with my last entry about my future horse that may or may not ever be a part of my life, I've been daydreaming and thinking about this animal.

It needs a name.

I've always dreamed of having a barn full of horses with beautiful names. The naming of cattle is something that has always fascinated me, because with registered dairy cows, the names always make perfect sense. You have the farm name, the mother's name, and the new name. So if your farm name was Sunshine, the mother's name was Virtuoso, and the name you like is Julie, your cow's name would be Sinshine Virtuoso Julie. With this information alone, you can track the cow's lineage and origins fairly simply. Handy.

I'm not sure about the rules pertaining to the names of horses. However, I would love to have a three part name for my horse. Horses typically have a stable name and a show name. The show name is the one called out at shows. For example, if your horse's name was Montague Hellenes, the announcer at a show would call out: And now entering the arena, we have Montague Hellenes, owned and ridden by....

For years I've dreamed of riding at shows where someone would call out my horse's beautiful three-part name, followed by my own as owner and rider.

Now, the horse I want may or may not ever come into existence. However, I find the fact that I can own my old horse's grandaughter overwhelmingly coincidental, slightly creepy, and very much a sign of something. Perhaps a sign of future greatness, perhaps a sign of impending broken limbs; but a sign nonetheless.

My horse needs a combination of Mother and Grandmother's name in it. Mindy and Kerzon are not names that look too good together, but Mindezon or Zonemin feel good rolling off my tongue.

So far, for a girl I've picked out Mindezon Daksina Ophelia. Ophelia from Hamlet and Daksina from the pagan warrior goddess who beats down her enemies, using their hands and skulls to create her skirt, and inspires good Karma and is the all-merciful protectress. I wonder about the implications of naming a good Lutheran horse after a pagan warrior goddess, though.

For a boy, I've picked out Zonemin Valiant Frontrunner. That's pretty self-explanatory, I suppose.

It amazes me sometimes how my thoughts can take over me, how I can dream and dream of these things that may never happen. I suppose the best part is the looking forward, though. I've always felt that way about my birthday in the past (Excepting, of course, my most recent birthday. As you know, it was the most wonderful I've had. Sigh.) I feel the same way when I thnk about the truck I want to buy, or the barn I want to set up not only for a horse but for a menagerie of other animals as well. I know that I have the power in me to make it happen: The question is do I have the drive and the fortitude to carry it out?

Time will tell, I suppose. For now, I'm happy staying in the city and dreaming of the things that might be.



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