Monday, January 15, 2007

My first ever F in university...

So, last semester was kind of a tough one. Some of you were there. I did manage to write all my exams with the help of some very lovely people, so I was feeling pretty proud of myself.

The first grade that came in was my culture grade, and I got an A+ there. Wheee! Apparently, the professor found my study of Redneck culture pretty interesting. I got a C+ in the Pshychology of Personality, and that wasn't surprising because it was a pretty hard course. I also got a C+ in Family Psychology. I thought I would at least get a B in that one, but a C+ is close enough for me. My Sociology of Work course I got a B+ in, and that wasn't really surprising. In fact, I'm a little dissapointed in myself for not making that one an A+ as well, because it was quite possibly the absolutely dumbest course known to man. If my school had a basket weaving course? I'm sure I would have benefitted far more from that than from an exploration into the sociology of work. Seriously.

In Sex class? My mark isn't posted yet. Hopefully I didn't fail sex, because I don't quite think I could live that one down.

And now, for the story of my first ever F.

I got my Anthropology mark back and sure enough, it was an F. I was expecting at least a B in that class, so seeing that I failed it was very shocking. I managed to remain calm, though. And then I sat an stared at the F for a good three or four hours. I'd never seen one before. I mean, I type the letter F often enough when I'm blogging. I've dealt with the letter F in terms of graffiti, and people with potty mouths, and all sorts of different occasions.

But I've never dealt with the letter F in terms of "By the way, Dumbass, You FAILED." And certainly, if anyone EVER fails an Anthropology course? They are a dumbass. My term paper consisted of presenting the findings of a night sitting on my balcony watching drunk people. Come on, now. Not only was it an Anthropology course, it was a course in the Anthropology of every day life.I've done some stupid things in my life. (That first perm I got in the eighth grade comes to mind.) Internet dating? That was dumb. That time I was drinking with friends and decided to let that girl who was totally blasted pluck my eyebrows? Very unwise decision.

But for heaven's sake. IT'S THE ANTHROPOLOGY OF EVERYDAY LIFE!! It's an examination of why some cultures use combs to style their hair, and why others use brushes. We explored a group of people in some faraway country who head hunt as a way of coping with a death in the family, but then switched to Christianity as a way of coping with grief. We discussed making thick descriptions. HAVE YOU EVER READ MY BLOG?!? All I do is describe things thickly! We discussed participant observation. YES! It is possible to both observe a foreign culture while participating in their rituals to obtain a more thorough understanding of their rituals and norms. MY WORD! IT'S GROUNDBREAKING!

Needless to say, by the time I thought of all that, I figured, No Way. It is not possible for someone who knows how to spell her own name to fail Anthropology. Hell, I can spell Anthropology! I can spell all kinds of neat stuff! Surely I can't have failed Anthropology.

So, I emailed the professor.

He sent me a very kindly worded email back saying, Whoops! Wrong grade! Silly me! Have a great semester, I'll switch it tomorrow!

And meanwhile, my brain is still trying to recover from the near explosion it just went through thinking up all the things I could fail in my life OTHER than anthropology. Like Quantum Physics, or Calculus, or Biology, or Pharmaceuticals... But ANTHROPOLOGY?

And so, I now have a C+ in Anthropology, which means that I didn't get the B that I was hoping for, but it certainly feels better than the original F I spent so long staring at in disbelief. Furthermore, I can now hold my head high when I return to The Ranch, and my parents won't have to shake their heads in disbelief and then tell outright lies about how well I'm doing in school to their friends. Because trust me. If I had a kid dumb enough to fail Anthropology? I'd be outright lying to all my friends as well.

Phew. I'm very relieved, to say the least, and I do believe that in celebration I should go and bond a litle with my trusty friend, Gibby.



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That was pretty awful there for most of the post. Glad it had a happy ending for you.


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