Wednesday, January 17, 2007

In lyrics that someone else wrote....

>There's a full moon over Tulsa, I hope that it's shining on you. The nights are getting cold, In Cherokee County. There's a Blue Norther passing through.>

Big brother, are you out there beneath that full moon? Davey, so far away for the next weeks, can you see it? It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how much distance is between people, we all continue to exist under the same sky.

>I remember green eyes and a ranchers daughter. But remember is all that I do. Losing you left a pretty good cowboy, With nothing to hold on to.>

My eyese are blue. I broke someone's heart once, years and years ago. I wonder if I left him feeling like he had nothing to hold on to.

>Sundown came and I drove to town, And drank a drink or two. You're the reason God made Oklahoma, You're the reason God made Oklahoma. And I'm sure missing you, I'm sure missing you.>

We've all been there. Drink a drink or two, and wonder where the people we love are hiding out, if they're ok, if they're thinking of me. I might just go out on Thursday, and drink a drink or two. And I'll be happy that I have so many people to tell "You're the reason God Made Oklahoma"

>Here the city lights out shine the moon I was just now thinking of you. Sometimes when the wind blows you can See the mountains, And all the way to Malibu>

I've sat so many times wondering how it can all exist. The lights actually can outshine the moon, and I'm surprised because the moon is the MOON, after all. It's amazing that humanity can overpower even the moon.

>Everyone's a star here in L.A. County, You ought to see the things that they do>

It's amazing, because there's been so many times that I've wanted to call home while looking out my window. I did my first night in the city. Five people got arrested outside, merely a few feet away from me. I had to share the excitement with someone, so I ended up calling SuperNan.

>All the cowboys down on the Sunset Strip Wish that they could be like you. The Santa Monica Freeway, Sometimes makes a country girl blue>

I went to Country Night at a local bar here in the city once. I was standing in line with all these boys, who were wearing big belt buckles and John Deere T-shirts. The girls all had on cowboy boots and fuzzy pink cowboy hats, and I was wondering, do they really think we dress like that?

And someone I was with said, "Hey, how come you don't have a John Deere T-shirt? If anyone should have one, shouldn't it be you?" And I said "Honey, I don't need no John Deere T-shirt, and I've got the tractor to prove it."

Ok, that was a lie. My parents have the tractor. But anyhow.

>I work 10 hours on a John Deere tractor, Just thinking of you all day.>

I once dated someone, way back in my Other Life, and we started dating in the middle of hay season. Then we continued our relationship through plough season and I think, if we had lasted, I would kiss him and smile every time I hear this sentence, because much of our time together was spent in a tractor. One time we did indeed spend ten hours, the two of us crammed into the cab of his father's elderly Massey Ferguson. Two people, happy in love, driving around the field, talking, laughing, jostling about.

Too bad he turned out to be such a dolt.

>I've got a calico cat and a 2 room flat, On a street in West L.A. You're the reason God made Oklahoma, You're the reason God made Oklahoma. And I'm sure missing you,>

I used to think about this alot when I first moved here. Only my cat didn't like me and my flat was one room. And it had brown water. And was full of schizophrenic people who would cause all kind of raucus at all times of the night.

It's just one of those songs, and you hear it, and so much of it is your life, and so much of it connects you to so much of your past. I've known the lyrics forever, but I'd never heard it until just this winter. I finally found a copy of the song, and I just can't stop listening to it.

I'm learning to play it right now. Perhaps it will be my first successful cover song. Even if it is, I need a nice, harmonica-toting alto singer to do the guy duet part.

Hopefully he's someone who likes John Deere tractors and driving to town, to drink a drink or two.



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