Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dream walkin'....

So, as you know I can now fit in to my old riding boots once more. And as you also know, my dad has his new horse and it's kind of hard not to be reliving my riding days over and over again.

I've had a desire to have a horse of my own, and one of my very own, my whole life. I've always wanted an Apaloosa (blonde) horse, and I've always wanted to name him Tornado of Souls. I'd call him Davey for short, because Dave Mustaine sings Tornado of Souls. I've had this horse and this name picked out since I was about thirteen, and in the last months I've really been thinking of checking out a few yearling sales once I move back home.

The reasons I want a horse of my own are many: I don't want a bunch of other people to screw him up before he gets to me; I want to learn how to start from scratch; I want to work with an animal whose past and history I know as well as my own.

I briefly thought of having my Dad's horse bred, and he said we could get foals off of her. But the other day I was at my mom's friend's house, checking out her new barn, and before me stood the most magnificent animal I've laid eyes on in a while.

I saw her earlier this summer and I thought that something looked incredibly familiar about this horse. I was looking at her face, and studying her, and suddenly I had the urge to call out "Mindy!". My mom told me that the horse that stood before me was indeed the daughter of the horse I had when I was eight.

My parents tend to think that this particular horse is kind of... unattractive. But she's built very strong, she's enormous, powerful looking. Like something you could rule the world on. Or, as my dad says, a horse you could at least plough a field with. Either way, my heart is in love.

Well, my mom's friend was over tonight and was talking about none other than my Mindy's daughter. She was talking about having her bred. And my heart lept into my throat, and I thought for a moment that the horse that I had when I was little could be all mine again, only ... no one else could own her first, because I'd actually have her grand-daughter.

Come on, now, how cool is that? The cost is not too extreme to have a horse bred and to get a foal off her. It would be about three years before I could do this as our friend wants to have a foal first, which is fine by me because really? In three years I'll be in a much better position to go owning something larger than a cat.

It's one of those things where you're not really sure if it could or would ever happen, but regardless, it's one of those things that makes your heart happy just thinking about. It's about more than having a horse to ride, in this case: it's aboout proving to yourself that you can start with something that equates to nothing but can turn out to be everything.

If nothing else, it's one more dream to keep stored under my pillows.



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