Sunday, January 14, 2007

Now that's class....

Avert your eyes, Mother!

This is a pic the lovely Mal gave me. It's actually from November, when I had my infamous SubShack party. This was a mere hour or two after the lot of us got kicked out of my apartment for noise violations.

I'm sure right now that the Berry Queen is thinking: Yes. I've hired this moron to manage my fields.

I'm sure my mother is thinking: Yes. I gave birth to this WITHOUT an epidural.

And I'm sure my Dad is thinking: AHA! THIS is why she needed to "borrow" that twenty bucks.

Yes, Dad. That was the reason I needed to borrow twenty bucks.

I should be able to repay you by March, 2011.

But only if you give me a sweet deal on the rent until then. *Muah*



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