Friday, November 17, 2006

Poor little Coperni-Kitty....

What I love about Copernicus, dsepite all of her never-ending foulness, is the fact that she loves her kennel. Every time I get it out to go home, she runs over, hops in, and lays down. Sometimes she makes a cute little chirp-y noise as she gets in. I always imagine it's her way of saying "Take me home now!" in her finest kitty manners.

The sad thing about it is that after she's been so happy to get in, she has the worst ride of her life. She usually sits in the car while we have supper, and occasionally do some shopping. Then she's forced to endure the long, windy, smoky ride back to the Ranch strapped into the back seat.

You'd think that once we got here she'd be incredibly pleased, as this is like her real home. But no. As soon as she gets here, three obnoxious dogs and occasionally any number of small children have their hands and snouts all over her. She is then forced to puff up her tail like a peacock and hide for the rest of the weekend under the dining room table.

And to make matters worse, the cat food here sucks. (By Copernicus standards, at least.)

And yet, every time I get out the kennel, she acts like its some big treat to get in it and go for a ride. And every single time, she is sorely disappointed.

I guess that goes to show that having long term memory is a handy thing after all.



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