Monday, November 13, 2006

I am soooo out of the loop!

One of my friends pointed this out to me at the SubShack party the other night, and I was dumbfounded. At first, I was convinced that the two beers I'd consumed must have hit me harder than I thought, because no way in Hell could this actually happen in real life. It is possible, as well, that those two beers could have affected me in an entirely different manner than I would expect them to due to the new-fangled fancy schmancy CrazyMeds the lovely doctor on campus gave me.

It seems that altering the quantity and type of medication I take can cause me to see double when drinking. Which is hilarious for the people around me, but not so fun for me. At any rate, I was sure that this had to be some wacky side effect of my new meds, but no: it's a true and real thing that happened in real life.

And I didn't hear about it until now.

Some genius pulled this off in the Ikea catalogue and I think it's hilarious. We happen to have a copy of this catalogue right here in our very home, and it was the biggest hit of the party Friday night.

It turns out that this catalogue caused a world wide scandal when it came out, because there are people in the world who are much more observant than I.

Now, I don't know who did it or why. But someone thought it would be funny to put a human schlong (As my pastor calls it) on a dog in the catalog. Yes. The Ikea catalogue has a picture of a ... Yes. That.

While I find this incredibly tasteless and extremely icky to have to look at: Kudos to you, Buddy. If there ever was a way to get back at a company you hate, this is it.



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