Thursday, June 01, 2006

Adventures in Energy Savings....

I've been on my parents' case about saving money on hydro recently. They hopped on board, surprisingly willingly, and complied with my demands. The house has been dark all week! We also decided to try our hand at hanging laundry to dry.

The clothesline works great!

Well, it did.

For about five minutes.

Then the laundry was strewn about the lawn like clothing on the set of a porn flick.

Then it was time to climb up the ladder, re-affix the line, and re-tighten it so that my clothes wouldn't collapse fitfully on the lawn any more.

As you can tell, I stood back and supervised while my parents risked their necks. I figured that if I died on the ladder, who would pay off all my student loans?

Hopefully, now all of our clothing can dry for free and in peace, with little or no effect on the environment. Unless, of course, they fall off again and a bird chokes to death on one of my bras.



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