Sunday, May 28, 2006

My Aching Head....

And no, it's not the kind of aching head you get from a wild night on the town with your favorite girls.

It's the kind of aching head you have after a night of watching Anne of Green Gables Part 1 with your cat, then going to bed wondering why you have a scratchy feeling in your throat.

It's the kind of aching head you have from waking up at the crack of dawn to head into the Sub Shack for nine hours. The type where half way through the day you realize, Hey! Wait! I don't have a hangover from that glass of wine I had while watching Anne suffering the trials and tribulations of a young orphan! It's not from crying my eyes out when Mathew died!

It's the type you get when you have a sinus infection! When you have enough going on in your nasal cavity that Bush could forget about Weapons of Mass Destruction, because he could drown entire nations with the secretions coming from your nose alone! It's the type of sinus pain that makes you sound awful and act even worse. It's the type that has you calling up random co-workers a little after lunch and offering up your left kidney if only they will come in to the Sub Shack to relieve you of your duties as Sandwich Artist; if only for fifteen minutes while you head to the back room to stab yourself in the foot with a disposable bread knife in hopes of taking your mind off the pain in your head.

And now, dear Internet, I am off to bed, in hopes of waking tomorrow to find a new day. One with no nasal secretions, no pounding heads, and no scratchy throats. Or, at the very least, if I do have to spend another day filled with nasal secretions, pounding heads, and scratchy throats, at least it will be filled with heavy duty pain killers and shopping with SuperNan.

No better combination exists on this Earth.

Except, perhaps, Peach Schnapps and OJ.

And I need all the vitamin C I can get.



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