Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Not Another Horse!

So, Princess and I made leaps and bounds through the months of June and July. I was so proud of us!

However, I work at an insane job and as a result, my hours are insane. This interferes with riding time and another woman also is riding Princess three days a week. Not wanting to interfere with her riding times (Because I know how precious riding time is) I inquired as to whether or not she would be willing to change her schedule.

She seemed like she wanted to accomodate me, but really, she wants to keep her riding days.

And then the lovely owner of the lovely Princess stepped in and said, "Amanda, why don't you try out Sargeant?"

And I said "Sure!"

And now I'm in really, really big trouble.

Because I kind of love Sargeant. I love his colour and his build and his gender (I'm sorry to be sexist on my blog, but I really prefer a gelding to a mare. That's just me) and I also like his delightful personality.

Oh, and his movement, since this whole thing is not about a love affair and is actually about riding.

I'm going to call him Sargy-Pargy-Pumpkin-Pie and I am really, really going to master the three loop serpentine on this guy.

It is the times like these that I feel like I am on my way to being a rider. A real rider doesn't just ride one horse. A real rider has experience with a multitude of horses. A real rider can handle what all the different horses throw their way. A real rider learns something from each horse they ride, and applies it to the next horse to build their skills.

I don't know if I'll make any shows this summer or this fall. I don't know if I'll ever ride competitively.

But I do know that I am on my way to something here, even if I don't know what, exactly, that something is.

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