Friday, June 25, 2010

I Want To Feel Like That Again...

Two weeks ago, I rode Princess. After two lessons with a new coach and much fight on my part, Princess and I finally came together as one. We were flowing, we were on the bit, we were working our best.

We achieved that which riding is all about: A partnership and an understanding. I was sweating furiously by the end of it all, soaking through my tank-top and my six hundred dollar George Schumacker breeches.

At the end of our miraculous ride, I was able to cool her out, long and low. There is nothing better than cooling out long and low, when horse and rider are moving forward with impulsion and are happy together. There is no relaxation in the world like cooling out, long and low. I don't care what kind of masseuse you have or what kind of pharmaceuticals you take: Cooling out long and low is the most relaxing and exhilirating thing in the world.

After the ride, I wanted to cry again. (Something leads me to believe that all riding successes and failures this year will result in tears. Tears because I'm happy that I can do it on another horse, and so very, very sad that I am not doing it on Zydeco, my one true horse.)

But, there were people all around and I had no desire to expose those poor, innocent souls to the emotion-ful-ness (Is there a word I could use there?) of my riding.

And so, like after so many other good rides, I cracked open a beer and smoked a cigarette, going over the ins and outs of the ride with my mother (Who, despite what I may say, remains my one true coach.)

The following rides were not as successful on Princess but I have been left with this: There is hope. Hope that another horse can teach me the way Zydo did, hope that I can continue riding and hone some skills. Hope that another horse may one day be mine who will fill the void that only a horse person can understand is there.

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