Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Steps To A More Positive Me

I've been feeling sad and dejected of late. This has resulted in too much time spent in jammies on the couch, too much time not doing anything productive, and too much time eating large quantities of food. Especially food slathered with gravy.

Or Hollandaise sauce.

Sometimes in the same sitting.

The past couple days have been good ones, a kick I want to stay on. As such, I thought I'd share some goals with you:

1: Move. Every day, move. I'm a crazy person, so excercise is really good for my mind. It expends all that excess energy that would otherwise be devoted to panic attacks and curling up in a ball in my bed.

2: Keep working on school. My original goal was to have a Master's degree before I'm thirty. Now that I'm working full time at two jobs, riding daily, and trying to find time to, oh, you know... exist, it is kind of hard to keep up with the school work. So my new goal is to die with a Master's degree. If it happens to come by the time I'm thirty, I'll be happy. Regardless, it needs to happen at some point in time.

3: Stop moping. No more laying around bemoaning the state of my life. If, at any point, I start to lay around and bemoan, I will then spend at least an hour completing goal one or two.

4: Praise God. Or give thanks to God, or something. I've already started giving at least ten minutes a day to God, thanking Him for all the wonder that exists in my life. When I start to mope, I need to then refer back to goal number three, spend time completing goal numbers one and two, and offer up a prayer of thanks that I am in such a position to even have goals number one and two.

5: LIVE THIS LIFE. I have a life, and dammit, it's a good one. I need to snap out of it and realize how truly lucky and blessed I am.

6: Love my horse. Adore my Beagle. They are truly 'my people'. They never let me down, they are always there when I need them, and they tolerate my late at night, off-key singing without complaint. Hey, who else can boast that they have characters willing to put up with that in their lives?



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