Friday, July 02, 2010


I don't post often about my work here, because it would be illegal to do so. I can say that I work with people and that working with people is exhausting.

I'm no heart surgeon. I'm not a brain surgeon either. I do not hold people's lives in the palm of my hand and I do not make life or death decisions.

I do, however, deal with people's lives and people's futures and today was one of those days. It left me exhausted and overcome with emotion such that I spent a large portion of the day crying.

I've met people who do what I do for decades and my hat goes off to those individuals. I don't know how a person can go through years and years of crises and upheaval and the emotional roller coaster that it is when you are involved in the personal details of another human being.

I do want to continue in the field I work with, this field of being a helper to people who need help.

Previous to this I would complain about the hours, or the lack of holidays, or the lack of money, or the lack of benefits and pension and about a million other things that I could complain about.

Today was a bit of an eye-opener in that, while I know I am not holding a beating heart in my hand, I'm dealing with some pretty heavy stuff.

I had my schedule re-vamped by my bosses for the summer and I now have every single weekend off. This is my first weekend off and I am celebrating by going cottage-ing with some friends. While engaging in this activity of cottage-ing, I plan to drink some beers, play my guitar, nap in the afternoon, eat too much food and laugh far, far too loudly.

After the day I had, I really, really need to laugh.

And I need to do it loudly.



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