Thursday, March 06, 2008

Just Call Me Madame Positivity...

1) I'm meeting up with an old friend this Thursday, a friend who has access to HIGH SPEED INTERNET, and as a result I've been promised lots and lots of very fast, very happening music downloads.

2) I brought Zydo in from the cold the other night, and he cuddled up to me and licked my hand and nuzzled into my chest the way he always does. Because of my work schedule, I've been neglecting him something wicked, and it was just too thrilling that he still seems to remember who I am. Either that, or he liked the fact that my barn coat smells like Reed Canary grass, which happens to be his favorite. Regardless, I got cuddled by my horse, and I'm happy with that alone.

3) The Little Chevy died on me the other day, ceased living right in front of the shop I was driving her to. I didn't really understand what was going on when the battery light came on, the radio became wavery, and the windshield wipers were groaning with the effort of standing up and sitting down every time I asked them to. I mean, I groan and whine every time I have to get up off my big fat butt, so why wouldn't they? It turns out my alternator died, but before it died COMPLETELY, it made it to the mechanic's place. As per usual, the mechanic I deal with seemed perplexed that I was a woman allowed out of her house without her veil, but fortunately, my father met me there with my mom's car. So I only had to talk to him for a moment before I dove into the safety of the Vue and spun the tires on my way out. Because this is TOTALLY 2008, and I can TOTALLY handle a stick shift like its my job.

4) Dixie and I have a newfound love for one another, and I'm not entirely sure why, but every time I return to the house she howls and jumps on me, whining in such a beagle-y fashion that it makes my heart melt. Perhaps she realizes that last fall, I threw the tantrum to end all tantrums and demanded that THIRTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS be spent to save her life. Tonight I came home from work and she jumped and squealed and licked my face with such vigor that for just a moment, I thought perhaps the layer of skin that has all the acne on it would simply melt away. No such luck, but regardless, I have to say that the six hundred dollars I paid toward her surgery are the best dollars I've spent in my life.

5) I've managed to make it to month eight in my field of work, when some people I know thought I wouldn't last two weeks. And really, its not like I'm COUNTING the months, but having made it that far past the two week mark makes me feel very happy indeed. I haven't lost my mind because of the work I do, I haven't fled a shift in tears (at least until the shift was over), I haven't called in sick when I really just wanted to sit at home and drink beer, AND I've been congratulated on the way I can write up reports. That's right. I CAN WRITE UP REPORTS, DAMMIT. If I never have another positive quality about me than that, I can die a happy woman, because I am ever so happy to be congratulated on my grammar. My dress? I could care less about. My grammar, however, is what makes me feel like a person worthy of drawing breath form the air, and when I get congratulated on that?


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Anonymous Jummy said...

Yay for positivity! It's good to get an update on your life.

Hope you had a good time with your friend.

10:44 p.m.  

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