Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Day for Me, and Only Me....

Today is my day off. Not only is it my day off, but my parents have temporarily left town and I have the whole house TO MYSELF.

In celebration, this morning I woke up and walked around in my underwear. It is always a mistake to walk around in one's underwear in this house, however, as Dixie makes it a point to jump up on my bare legs and scratch me with her beagle-y little claws. What's more, I sat down in the computer chair to check my email in my underwear, and the flab on my thighs stuck to the leather chair.

And now I ask, who IS the asshat who bought my parents a leather computer chair for Christmas?

At any rate, it has been a phenomenally productive day. I've gone for coffee, cleaned the horse stalls, had a good cuddle with Zydo, played with Dixie, texted some friends... and now I plan to eat an entire frozen pizza (I even bought the kind WITH CHICKEN ON IT) and drink beer in front of the television.

I will be wearing pants for this portion of my day, for those of you who are interested.



Anonymous Jummy said...

So glad you had a good rest of the day!

I wasn't nearly as productive as you, seeing as I got home around 4am on Saturday morning, woke up from my slumber around 4pm and then bummed around doing as little work as possible. I did manage to take 45 minutes to dig us out though so that was hard work of which I am very proud.

1:55 a.m.  

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