Monday, November 12, 2007

Dixie on the Mend...

My parents took Dixie to the vet today. They brought her in without me and discussed treatment without me which tends to drive me batty because I need to know everything, and I need to know it now. I NEED DETAILS and without details, the exact, explicit words or actions from the vet himself, I feel like less of a human being, incapable of making a decision because I can't picture the expression on his face or the way he held his hands, or did he adjust his glasses ever? Because that could totally mean something.

Dixie, as we suspected, has bladder stones. I think they are like kidney stones or gall stones, only they have actually grown such that they take up the entire volume of her bladder and there is no room for pee in there.

The men I've talked to seem less than concerned about this condition, and I think that's mostly because men very rarely suffer from urinary tract infections. Imagine, if you will, wandering around all day with razor blades stuck in the place you pee from, wherever that may be. Then, imagine that every time you need to pee, someone pours a salty solution of vinegar and lemon juice onto that very surface. Occasionally, the feeling clumbs up into your abdomen and lower back, making it nearly impossible to walk, thing, sit, stand, lay, or otherwise do anything that requires your body to touch the surface of anything else.

Damn this whole gravity thing. It makes living with a UTI so much more difficult.

Dixie will be having surgery tomorrow. They are actually going to cut her bladder right open, remove it, take out all the stones and stone gravel (Gravel. My frickin' dog has GRAVEL in her bladder. Those are the vet's actual words.) and then place it back in.

I'll be sure to post pictures of her in her lampshade thingie, because Lord knows there is nothing like making fun of a ridiculous looking beagle on the Internet.

Not that I need to get out more, or anything.

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