Monday, September 24, 2007

Pics of the Beast...

The beast and I made it out bright and early Sunday morning after I got about three hours of sleep. Oh, working in a place where you are dealing with the police until hours after your shift ends. How I love thee!

Of course, right after you come in from hunting early in the morning, you need to pose with your mom before you insist that she make you a nice, big brekky of pancakes and eggs so you can have a full tummy while you nap. Because, My Lord, I really needed a nap.

After my nap, I went outside to shoot some trap. Shooting trap is always a good time, and as per usual, I shattered the first clay pidgeon like it was my job. I wanted to just blow on the end of my smokin' barrel before I sauntered into the house, but that wouldn't have helped to hone any of my skills.

I think I hit about five or six out of twenty, which means that my gun is sighted in and I'm not too bad of a shot. Or it means that the gun is not sighted in and I'm a bad shot. Or any other combination of the above mentioned factors.

Regardless, a nice way to spend a sleepy Sunday before heading off to work.

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