Tuesday, July 24, 2007

She Rides Again....

After a five year hiatus from horseback riding, SuperNan is in the saddle once more.

We had a house full of visitors today (And by a house full of visitors I mean that you couldn't hear yourself think for periods of more than 3.6 seconds at a time) and when I took out the tall and wondrous Zydeco, Nan felt the urge to hop back on.

If we could all mount so gracefully, the world would be a better place.

He and I had a brief lesson during which time: Small children bounded in and out of ditches wielding an assortment of weapons (Including, but not limited to, dressage whips, swords, and the infamous Poison Parsnip [Or Crazy Tomato. Whatever.]); Dogs fought, snarled, and barked inches away from the ring; SuperNan decided that the trees beside the ring should be trimmed DURING THE TIME SHE WAS TEACHING ME; and SuperDad decided to ride Tia with a bit for the first time. IN THE SAME RING AS ME.

Zydo spent some of the time eyeing things with interest, and some of the time glancing at me from under the saddle, balefully asking in a hushed tone WHY I WOULD BOTHER TO RIDE HIM IN SUCH A CIRCUS.

Clearly I need to up my dose of CrazyMeds.

At any rate, once I was done with the shenanigans of riding amidst such hoop-la, SuperNan decided to give it a go for a moment. She walked, she trotted, she leg-yielded, in that order. He said "Ok." Then, "Yes, Ma'am." And Finally, "Are you kidding me?!" (In that order.)

Internet dating? Wouldn't recommend it even if I hadn't found an internet dater who knitted on dates.

Internet horse buying?

Clearly the only way to buy a horse.

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