Saturday, July 21, 2007

Good-Bye, Mickey Mouse...

I got a new riding helmet over berry season, to replace the Mickey Mouse helmet I have been riding in since I was a young-ish teenager. I really do love my Mickey Mouse helmet, but at some point you have to move on. Not one of my strong points for sure.

Well, I bought a Tipperary eventing helmet and it is the most comfortable piece of headgear I've ever worn. I think I might take up wearing it to social events. That way when I fall over, I'm covered.

The helmet actually came in handy today because on my FIRST RIDE SINCE BERRY SEASON (Yes, it's been five weeks since I've ridden my horse) Zydo met his first ever emu. He stared at the emu with great interest for a period, and then continued on his way. However, when he felt that the emu was following him, he decided that it was time to head home. So he turned in the direction of home and started trotting that way. (This is how a horse should run away with me as his rider. Slowly.) Unfortunately, he decided to trot me right through a giant Maple tree that has huge branches hanging down, just perfect for bashing your head into. The problem with riding through branches like that is you have to keep your eyes closed. Nothing quite like being on an upset horse, wandering through a tree, with your eyes closed.

The rest of our hack was lovely. We went through the gravel pits down the road from us and he was just raring to go. Every time we came up a hill he wanted to go and go. I suppose this is left over from his eventing days, and he was thinking 'Where are the jumps! Let's jump them!'

It was really wonderful to set out on my horse, wandering down the road with my dad and Tia beside me. At first I thought, Man, this is the life. Hook me up with some saddle bags, give me a six-shooter, and let's head out west.

But by the time we'd done some wandering around, had a heart attack over an emu, been through some rough terrain, and cantered around the old cow pasture, I was ready to head back to the comforts of home.

He was perfect all day.

I feel like I've won the lottery in horse ownership.

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