Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Berry Birthday Blog....

It is my birthday today, and for once in my life I do not long for anything. There is not a thing that I can think if that I want, not even a ridiculous thing like, say, a pony, because I ALREADY GOT ONE OF THOSE.

I did get a present though, a wonderful present that I will be forever grateful for. A lovely American showed up from Oklahoma yesterday, and before I tell you what he brought me for my birthday, I need to bash Canada for a little minute here.

Although we are a first world country here in the North, although we are considered developed, I've noticed a trend occurring that is starting to really make me wonder. Several people I know, myself included, are fairly sick and it seems that doctors don't want to go about making them better, for whatever reason. It is odd to me because when you are sick and you live in Canada, you can get to a doctor for free, and they are readily available. They have signatures and prescription pads, and the pharmacy is chalk full of yummy, drug-a-licious goodness, but they just don't seem to let the sick people have the drugs.

Now, I'm not a doctor and I never claimed to be one but it seems to me that if you are sick to the point that your lips are turning blue and you do nothing but cough a nasty, putrid cough all day, perhaps something isn't quite right. Call me crazy, but that's just the way I feel.

And so, over the phone after having seen two Canadian doctors with this ongoing issue I have, I was diagnosed with an actual illness and a lovely American Doctor wrote me a prescription, and this lovely American Gentleman brought me the medicine.

And so, my birthday present this year was the gift of good health, which is what all of us really want for ourselves anyways. What present could possibly be better than that? Asides from the beer that the Berry Queen is picking up for me AS I TYPE, what more in this world could I really ever want?

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Anonymous Jummy said...

Happy Birthday, Sweetness!

I think you got a most marvelous gift! It's gotten to the point where being alive is enough of a gift for me (since no one will buy me a car or find me a good man to marry).

Wishing you the best today and always! I can't wait to come and visit :)

3:04 p.m.  

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