Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Making my mother's heart burst with pride....

I cleaned my bedroom today. I decided that it was a necessary task, based on the fact that I could no longer get from any point in it to any other point in it without risk of injury. I'm sure any number of readers are right now thinking 'Tee hee, how she exaggerates.' But no. I jest not. My room is that bad.

Generally I like to post gross people out with the pictures of the before and after of my room-cleaning adventures. But I just couldn't make myself capture the nast on film. That's how bad it was. I did, however, manage to capture this little gem, and if you can tell me what it is, I will gladly bestow upon you my firstborn child. Because I haven't the foggiest clue as to what this might be.

I found this little tidbit under my bed. It appears to have some sparkly things that resemble a Christmas ornament spouting from it. The red part is sponge-like, as though I put a pink sponge and a Christmas under my bed and the two began decomposing and consecutively morphing into this unidentifiable object.

Here we have Coperni-Kitty's belongings all packed up for the big move. She has taken up residence at The Ranch once more until I get home. I love my little kitty, and her life of late has become something that borders on abusive. I feel so much guilt about having gotten this cat when in reality, my life is no more equipped to deal with feline needs than it is to fly to the moon. As a result, my mother has opted to take care of her until I get home, when my life will be more settled and suitable for cat care. I miss her and when I see all her things packed up I sort of want to cry, except that only the most pathetic people cry over their cats' packed belongings.

And finally, here we have the ultimate 'Make your mother proud photo'. My beer bottles lined up in the window. While on my mission to cleanliness, I also happened to find two (two!) fresh beers and if you look closely, you can see them between the panes of the window. Who needs a beer fridge in the bedroom when you live in Canada and it's minus twenty?

Not I!


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