Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Most Magical Day of the Year!

Happy, Happy Valentine's Day!

The day is looking to be a prosperous one so far. I was up bright and early with the impression that I was lost in some kind of African Safari nightmare that simply would not end. It turns out that this monkey screeching/lion roaring/elephant stampeding is some sort of alarm system on my roommate's cell phone. And let me tell you that waking up to is every day gives you a certain feeling of how your day will progress.

Fortunately, it got better as I managed to get some studying done despite the fact that I stayed up until all hours choosing Valentine's Day eCards to friends and family. I even found a military one, but it was from the U.S military and I don't think it was meant to come from a sister. At any rate, Big Brother is on his way home now and will be back on Canadian soil by early next week. I'm breathing a sigh of relief that this mission went as well as could be expected. I pray that our overseas troubles will end soon and that we can all move on with our lives: Canadians, the Afghanis, and pretty much any residents of this world.

My Valentine this year is none other than the wonderous Joomy and we will be sharing some food, perhaps some wine, and a good dose of laughs. I had all kinds of adventures on the weekend and she NEEDS to be informed, Dammit! We plan on eating a romantic dinner with only our best posture and table manners, gaze longingly into each other's eyes, and perhaps watch some lame Valentine's chick flick while we have a serious discussion about colonialization and it's lasting impact on society as a whole; further, we plan to delve into the topics of women's liberation in the twenty-first century and the best way to beat capitalism without throwing the world market off kilter.

Or, we'll blather about boys. And hair. And makeup. And probably kissing too.

Because nothing is better than kisses!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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