Saturday, February 10, 2007

My word, I feel free.....

Today I got to do something that I've been looking forward to for weeks; and no, recovering from a night of watching Free Willy in the company of one too mny Cosmopolitans and Mal is not it.

I cleaned out my closet. It was so thrilling. I felt so free as I listened to Blue Rodeo and the Dixie Chicks, flinging articles of crap, old Christmas tree lights, clothes I haven't worn since moving to the new building out my bedroom door.

SuperNan would have been so proud. I reminisced over a few articles that I didn't really want to part with: the summer jammies I bought to go to my first berry season (Like I'm someone who wears pajamas? What was I thinking?); purses that I bought in my first year of college (Like I'm someone to maintain a purse collection? I hate purses!); a whole conglomoration of pens that I haven't been able to part with because the hoarder in me is scared that the end of the world will come, and an incredibly beautiful man will waltz in to my room at the very moment the world is ending, and I won't have a pen handy to jot down his number. Because that's how true love happens in real life every day, dammit.

I threw out two Christmas trees, managed to pack a garbage bag full of clothing to donate in the bin downstairs, tossed endless numbers of my school's newspaper, and I completed the afternoon by making my bed and taking a nice, long nap in it.

What could be better?

My Saturday night is looking pretty quiet thus far: plans include meeting up with Mal to finish off the ingredients for Cosmos and watch something that makes me cry less than Free Willy. Seriously. Don't watch that movie under the influence. When the whale starts crying for his family, you'll weep.



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