Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Happy three hundredth post, Blog!

Wheeee! Three hundred posts!

Spring break is soon to be upon us (Of course, we're in Canada, so spring break happens in the middle of a deep freeze) and since I seem to be low on funds, I'm going to be vacationing at my favorite vacation spot: The Ranch!

The lovely Mal is going to be coming with me and we've got all kinds of exciting plans made: a midnight skate, a horror movie-thon, candle-making, picking up the Precious Boy after school for a sword fight on ice.

I also plan to take her on a historical tour of CowTown. She was a little stunned to hear that a town comprising of seventeen houses, two churches, and a general store has historical sites.

Of course CowTown has historical sites! Helllloooooo? My great grandfather put the all nine of the streetlights on the main drag up with his own two hands! If that's not historical, I don't know what is!

The candle-making is one thing I look forward to. The Berry Queen has said that I can start a pilot project at her farm this summer: I plan on making candles in fruit-y scents in jam jars and seeing if people are interested in that sort of thing. So, we have to learn how to make candles and hopefully find some interesting scents to use. So far I've been thinking of a berry farm signature scent, but somehow I don't think the scent of TrottenBerries would be very appealing.

At any rate, the week is looking good: One day of work, one midterm, a weekend in the city, one more week of classes, and then vacation time!




Anonymous Jummy said...

Oh, it sounds like fun times are ahead with you and Mal at the ranch.

I love crafts and candlemaking is something I know nothing about (well, except for the easy-rolling goodness of beeswax candles which I'm sure we all made in elementary school). I'm sure you'll provide a photo documentary of the event if not the whole weekend. Michaels will have most of the things you need but I bet they won't have the best prices. But sadly, I don't know of any other places that you can check.

I am a fan (in theory) of being entrepreneurial and I hope you hit on something that'll make you and the Berry Queen some cash!

9:37 a.m.  

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