Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Back to school, Back to me....

Here I am, back in the city after my one month hiatus from reality. I'm feeling good about being back: It's my last semester, most of my courses are bird courses, and I don't have a single day that starts before eleven thirty. Life is good.

It's hard to come back after leaving in the rush that I did leave in. It's kind of hard to face people, especially at work, where everyone is like "Oh, look! You're back! Are you... Uhm... Better?"

I'm not a hundred per cent better at this point. I'm still kind of freaked out and a little bit anxious from the events of this fall. But for the most part, I really feel that I'm on the road to recovery On Saturday, I'm going to my first social outing in over two months. I'm excited to get out, get dolled up and in some nice clothes, and see everyone again, if only for a little while.

I went and talked to the BossMan today, and he even agreed to give me my job back. I was scared for a while that he was done with me, as the last few times I worked at the SubShack I wasn't exactly a stellar employee. But he shook my hand, told me to show up at eleven thirty tomorrow morning, and wished me a happy new year. Let's hope that it will be just that.

I went out and bought my school books today; or rather, I bought books for three of my five classes. The other two classes are sold out already. I hate my school. At any rate, I also bought myself a treat: my very own copy of Fast Food Nation. I wonder if it will change my mind on fast food at all. I know that movie about the guy who ate McDonald's every day for a month didn't kick my fast food habit. Perhaps this will.

I suppose I don't have that much to update with. I think I forgot my camera back at the Ranch, so I can't even take any cool pictures until I get it back in a few week's time.



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